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Child Labor In The Third World


Introduce and provide the background information of the problem: what, when, where, who, etc.

Analyze the professional, social, scientific and personal reasons for why your topic is important and interesting.

Discuss why the problem needs solved: who cares, who is affected by the problem and why; who would benefit most from a solution, who may NOT want this problem to be solved, etc.

Do not offer solutions to the problem in the Topic Proposal; save discussions of solutions for the final essay.

Write unified, coherent and adequately developed paragraphs.


Title: Child Labor In The Third World
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Child Labor in the Third World

The issue of child labor has been an ongoing topic in the world for a long time now. It is the employment of children or young people where human resource is required illegally (Kalmes). It affects virtually all countries falling in the third class category because they do not have proper laws to stop the practice. Those people who subject children to hard labor do so to maximize their profits. The practice of child labor takes place at the homes, in factories and any workplace that where there is need for human labor. Those who exploit the children create work opportunities, but because of greed, they cannot employ adults for fear of paying high wages, thus resorting to the use of children to work for them.


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