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Health Care 2 Pages

Changing Attitudes In The Work Place


Several attitudes can be displayed in the workplace depending on conditions, management style, personal issues, and values. There are seven steps for changing attitudes in the workplace. Refer to this week's readings on the step-by-step process for changing attitudes in the workplace. Now, read the following scenario:

You are a new manager in the department (either major or desired management position). You discover that the majority of staff members have a negative attitude, they gossip, and have low morale. Many bring their home issues and problems to work.

Based on the above scenario and your research, answer the following questions in a Microsoft Word document:

Explain each of the seven steps, including the substeps, with detailed, specific examples on how you will effectively change negative attitudes in your department.

What will you do specifically to turn your department around to a well-functioning team with positive attitudes?

Exhibit 3–2 Step-by-Step Process for Changing Attitudes in the Workplace

1. Assessment of Attitudes

(a) Identification—Recognize common workplace attitude problems

(b) Environment—Identify challenges in the workplace environment Participants are introduced to common examples of “attitude-challenged” workers. Group activities help identify and role-play how to handle different types of attitude challenges. Focus is to assess the impact of negative attitudes on workers, management, and patients/customers and identify the causes of problems.

2. Adjusting Attitudes

(a) How listening, coaching, and providing feedback are the tools for attitude change.

(b) Role-play to practice how to use coaching and provide feedback with staff

(c) Identify payoffs and rewards Participants learn how to use open-ended questions, active listening, and tactful confrontation to address attitude problems in the workplace.

3. Common Management Mistakes

(a) How to be realistic and patient with attitude change

(b) Why scolding employees does little to stop the problem

(c) How to stop the culture of complaining and work to positively effect attitude change. Group activities include examples of common management mistakes and exercises to practice more realistic and positive ways to provide employee feedback, facilitate group discussion, and role-play the best methods for confronting negative attitudes.

4. Resolving Conflict

(a) The need to confront so that negative behaviors will not continue

(b) Expectations and coping strategies of employees to stress and management directives

(c) Recognizing personal conflict styles of workers and how to deal with them Exercises include ways to analyze communications to identify employee styles, planning the meeting, and working collaboratively to discover win/win solutions.

5. How to Work with Problem Behaviors and Attitudes

(a) Analyze the cause of the problem

(b) Privately confront with a calm, nondefensive professional demeanor In this session, participants role-play with their preferred style for handling difficult employees. Managers and employees exchange roles and must reprimand or confront problem behaviors.

6. The Last Resort: Employee Termination and Legal Issues

(a) Legal issues of employee terminations

(b) Requirements, documentation, and procedure Exercises use case studies to work out remedial and probationary systems and to document fully intervention efforts prior to the need for termination or re-assignment.

7. Creating a Positive Work Environment

(a) Evoke a positive, collaborative team environment

(b) Top motivators include nonmonetary rewards

(c) Characteristics of managing motivation in the workplace Exercises include engaging workers into teams, providing recognition awards for employees, and changing the climate by launching career development and advancement initiatives, leadership training, multicultural skills, and other positive incentive programs.


Title: Changing Attitudes In The Work Place
Length: 2 pages (734 Words)
Style: APA


Changing Attitudes in the Work Place

Changing someone’s attitudes requires changing both their cognitive as well as the emotional components. As a manager, it would be beneficial to change an employee’s attitude as it translates to improved performance at work. To effectively change people’s attitudes in the workplace, it I also important to change the perceptions of these participants about their work and their social life as well (Pinder, 2014). As a manager, the step by step process of changing the employee’s attitudes include:

Assessment of Attitudes

This stage is important for the manager as it helps identify the existing attitude problems in relation to the workplace environment (Pickens, 2015). This stage involves:

  1. Identification- This sub-steps involves identifying the various attitude challenges that exist within the workplace and further assessing their impact on the patients, fellow employees and to the entire organization in general. In terms of morale, I would seek to understand the underlying factors that lead to employee’s lack of morale towards the job and why most of the employees gossip so much during working hours.
  2. Environment- Under this sub-step, I will identify the predisposing factors in the work environment that contribute to the attitude challenges among the workers. For instance, problems with the management or the remuneration that may be identified will also be noted down.

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