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Change Management And Its Importance


Management Paper - Individual (25%): Change Management and its Importance


Title: Change Management And Its Importance
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Change Management and its Importance


Sometimes, altering the day to day activities is the only thing needed to improve the performance of an individual and the organization as a whole. Performing similar tasks each day can negatively affect a person's performance due to uniformity.

Organizational change management (OCM), can be explained as a planned approach to shifting individual workers, teams, or the whole organizations from the current state to a more prosperous and successful position. The process is aimed at helping workers to accept and embrace changes in the business environment for the better good.

The current economic pressure and the desire to maximize productivity profit make the organizational change become a priority for both public and private companies. However, change is a complex process that can result in either positive or adverse effects, or, sometimes, both. Some organizational factors have to be considered before introducing change so that the process is conducted as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Changes might be added in organizations through new initiatives and projects which are launched to improve performance, increase profits, and enhance organization's competitive advantage. Change can also be introduced through new technologies to enable a more mobile workforce, reinforcing a process to maintain regulatory compliance or pursuing an enterprise- wide transformation around customer's experience.


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