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Cdc Hiv Prevention Program


Topic: CDC HIV Prevention Program 

The purpose is to formulate rigorous  summative/outcome evaluation designs in healthcare settings. It aims to evaluate whether a program in the organization is meeting its specified  outcome objectives. This also gives the opportunity to follow a protocol for developing a proposal focusing on summative/outcome evaluation.

This requires the application of program evaluation consulting skills for formulating an evidence-based evaluation research model including:

* Defining a problem and identifying a potential need(s) for service(s) or program(s) that  would solve your patients' problem,

 * Proposing an outcome/summative evaluation model for a mature program or intervention formulated after assessing the community's service needs, and 

*Apply evaluation tool(s) and discuss cultural factors in their assignments. Write a Research Design of Summative Evaluation (7 pages)

* Describe your proposed summative evaluation model and provide a rationale for your design choice. Discuss the internal validity of your chosen design. How does the methodology address threats to internal validity?

* Name and describe your sampling strategy and defend your choice. What is the unit of analysis? Discuss the external validity of the results.

* Describe the procedures for data collection including an informed consent form and how to obtain the consent from the participants. Address issues of anonymity and confidentiality within the design.

* Define the key variables that will be used in the program evaluation (i.e. independent and dependent variables) and how  it is being measured. Specify clearly how everything will define the  outcome indicators. Describe the collection of data and how you will  measure change (i.e., impact of your intervention).

 * Describe the plan of data analysis and include at least two table  shells: What descriptive statistics will be used in presenting basic  information and what inferential statistics will be used to test the effectiveness of the program?


Title: Cdc Hiv Prevention Program
Length: 7 pages (2051 Words)
Style: APA


CDC’s HIV Prevention Program


The Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) Prevention Program is an intervention aimed at halting the transmission of HIV. The CDC’s HIV Prevention Program has the goals of preventing HIV transmission, reducing mortality linked to HIV infection and unifying the global efforts in the fight against the epidemic (CDC, 2015). The CDC’s global strategy for handling the prevention of HIV is education combined with health and social services. 

These are carried out in an environment where patients are not discriminated against. The CDC’s HIV Prevention Program requires the direction of HIV education programs to the entire population and target audiences who are at risk of infection through their behaviors (CDC, 2015). To ensure the efficacy of delivering information and education, it is necessary to evaluate the programs. A comprehensive evaluation of the program is needed across the stages of development, implementation, and reuptake. For this study, a summative evaluation is most preferred to measure the program’s ability to meet its objectives, plans, and goals. 

According to Darrow et al. (2010), a summative evaluation is conducted when a program has ended following successful implementation. Feedback from a summative evaluation helps in deciding whether to continue, expand, or adopt a program. In the present study, the measurements made upon completing the program will constitute the final evaluation. The review of the program will investigate its progress since its inception. Indeed, the summative evaluation of the project will allow us to understand the difference the project has made on the lives of persons since its inception. The evaluation will also understand the effects of the program on direct and indirect beneficiaries.


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