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History 1 Page

Causes Of The First World War


1. Outline the causes of the First World war from 1839-1914. Please use the class notes & Text. Please also discuss the importance of each event especially from 1870-1914. 

2. Use the text Texts: 

  • F. Armesto, The World: A History,volume C Prentice Hall 2007. 
  • Stephen. Kinzer, Overthrow, America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq, edition 06, publisher ISBN 13-978-0-8050-8240-1

3. Put some of your thought into essay too


Title: Causes Of The First World War
Length: 1 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA



         Through migration, the race encounters other cultures and interacts through trade or conflict. Over the centuries, human interaction has been expounded through pilgrimages, diplomacy, travel, and imperialism (Armestro 28). From the onset of these human interactions, variant cultures have been mutually influential or dissenting, and both philosophies have spanned thousands of years and still continue to.  The WW1 is one of the indisposed aspects of human interaction that was fuelled by imperialism. Since the era of exploration in the 14th century, there has been a spate of the frontline in the scramble for resources.

     The First World War was similarly induced with acrimonious tussle for imperialism, benefiting from grabbing of resources and propagation of ideologies. In this surge, a couple of European countries that had amassed wealth into the nineteenth century, chiefly the U.K, France, Italy, Germany and Russia jostled over to secure and control trade in foreign markets, people, territory and resources. There was a scramble for Africa and Asia from which emanated the infamous slave trade.


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