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Causes Of Adhd


This essay is in Human Biology class so I want this essay is focusing on the biological use’s of language and be more specific on the biology aspects. This is the book we read to make this essay:

The Power of Neurodiversity, by Thomas Armstrong (2010, Da Capo Press).

Can you find it from library or ebook. One option:  It is on the ebook in the Internet. Here is the link of eBook, which i already down and have free book to read


Title: Causes Of Adhd
Length: 2 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Causes of ADHD

 ADHD is an abbreviation for the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The disorder affects the brains of human beings especially in the children. A Patient living with the ADHD can lose focus and fail to pay attention to the tasks the patient is involved in at that particular time. It is a disease that has had many challenges especially for the medication that is needed to rectify the disorder. The brain disorder has no exact cure and, therefore, poses a great danger to the patients living with the disorder. There are various ways that cause ADHD in the brain. The major cause is the involvement of the neurotransmitters. Other possible causes are the chemical system of the brain rather than the structure of the brain. The brain uses a variety of the chemical substances in the brain to facilitate communication that human beings exhibit.


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