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English 101 4 Pages

Cause And Effect: The Malaria Disease


Write a cause/effect (or dieases) paper, noting important hints from the Cause/Effect handout. 

This paper will have variable grading criteria:

As with all papers, consider a target audience when writing; thus, you should write to the person or entity that actually has the power to implement change.

This brief outline highlights the aspects of a disease paper (see below)

  1. Start with a Story (disease)
  2. Include a thesis, including the Audience (who should know) and Purpose (“understand  the diagnosis and prognosis”)
  3. Go over elements of Diagnosis (the words--definition, causes, symptoms, populations, and diagnosis—should be visible).
  4. Big Transition (“Once diagnosed, the prognosis is . . . ). Both halves should be roughly equal.
  5. Go over elements of Prognosis (the words—cure, treatment, prognosis, epidemic,prevention—should be visible).
  6. Update on Story

The Disease Paper

One kind of paper that I place in the Cause and Effect category is a Disease Paper.  Students may choose this instead of cause and effect. 

Many of society’s more interesting paper topics reflect social or physical ills.  Many times beginning writers chose topics that are close to home because a friend or loved one (or even the writer) has a condition that worries the writer.  Writers then proceed to do research and write about these problems, mainly for information or at least some sense of comfort.  All of these can be constructed under what I call “The Disease Paper.”  This ready-made outline reflects the many papers I have seen on topics like bulimia, schizophrenia, tendonitis, and more.

Diagnosis—this is where the writer tells about the disease and how it might be identified.  The order of sub-points might be varied, but these items should be included:

  1. Definition.  What is the disease called, how long has it been around, why is it important?  (The importance may be included in the introduction).
  2. Causes.  What are the physical or mental causes of the disease?  Is it biological or behavioral, or both or neither.
  3. Populations.  Is the disease endemic to certain population—age, gender, race, etc?
  4. Symptoms. What physical or mental characteristics are noticeable? These are the kinds of appearances or behaviors that a layperson might observe before recommending the subject to a physician?
  5. Diagnosis.  What kinds of tests might a doctor need to perform to determine whether or not the subject actually has the disease?
  6. Prognosis—this is where the writer tells how the disease may be cured or treated, what is the outlook for someone suffering from the disease, how fast the disease progresses, and what short and long term effects concern the subject or society.  Again, writers may vary these or combine them as necessary.
  7. Cure.  Is the disease curable or only treatable?  Remember to connect with the causes here.
  8. Treatment.  What are the treatments available?  Do these treatments involve surgery, counseling, medication, or other means?  Remember to connect with the symptoms here.
  9. Prevention.  Are there behaviors that might keep the disease at bay?
  10. Prognosis.  What are the effects of the disease in the short and long terms?  How fast will the disease progress or debilitate?  
  11. Epidemic.  How communicable is the disease?  What concerns should relatives or loved ones have concerning their contact.  Sometimes this might be connected with the populations.

While research is not required, any sources should be documented.  The level of content is roughly the amount of information one would receive in a handout from the doctor’s office.


Title: Cause And Effect: The Malaria Disease
Length: 4 pages (1147 Words)
Style: MLA


Cause and Effect: The Malaria Disease

            Malaria is a life-threatening illness that is brought about by parasites and is contracted in people, through bites by infected female anopheles mosquitos. Malarias existence can be back dated to the prehistoric period. Scientists who have carried extensive research on the disease believe that, the disease started off as a simple zoonotic illness. The first recorded manifestation of this disease was in the primates of Africa. The disease thereafter, spread rapidly to all the continents. During the peak of this killer illness, there was infestation in all the world’s continents save for the Antarctica. The disease has significantly affected life on the planet, bearing in mind that half of the deaths of people who ever lived on this continent is believed to have been caused by malaria. Therefore, a great importance is pegged on this disease bearing the risk it bears to human life.


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