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The Blessings And Curses Of Big Time Football.

The Blessings and Curses of Big Time FootballThe article “The Blessings and the Curses of the Big Time Football” depicts the reality that holds and affects the football situation. The work clearly illustrates the blessings and the curses that successful university may encounter in relation to the...

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Twitter“Understanding Professional Athletes' Use of Twitter: A Content Analysis of Athlete Tweets” is an article that tries to talk about the importance of Twitter as a social media platform. The article’s main purpose is to help the public understand the importance of using Twitter by profession...

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Labor Disputes And The Sides Of The Bargaining Table

Labor Disputes and the Sides of the Bargaining TableThe collective bargaining agreements in light of professional sports pertain to the covenants that exist between the plays and owners of different leagues. The arrangements lead to the establishment of certain elements concerning the operation o...

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Economics Of Sport

Policy Forum: Economics of SportIntroduction: Purpose of the ArticleThe main purpose of the article is to show how sports events impact the economy. The sporting activities are an important venture towards the appreciation of the role that games play in a state. The article seeks to establish whe...

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The Role Of Social Media In Sports Communication

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY FUNCTION IN SPORTS INTERACTION Executive SummaryThe responsibility of social media in sports interaction is vital in sports business and as a game. Social media is currently the best connection available than before. These makes it possible for the...

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Walking Program

Walking programIntroductionThis is a six weeks walking program for a good body exercise. The weeks have been grouped into three. The exercises for week one should be repeated until the two weeks are over. On weekly basis, the exercise will be done for five days of the week. Each dayhas its own ac...

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Skills Performance Chart

SKILLS PERFORMANCE CHARTJumps78467687gymnastics98657578stunts88646785

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Why Children Should Be Banned From Team/Contact Sports

Why Children Should Be Banned From Team/Contact SportsIn America and other developed countries, playing sports is quite common among the children. In many learning institutions, it is among the major co-curricular activities. There is a variety of sports that children engage in. the sports are ch...

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Research Prospectus On Corruption In Fifa

Bribes in FIFAIntroductionCorruption has been a matter of concern for many years. Every day, there are cases of corruption in the United States and other states around the globe. It is evident that researches have been conducted to identify the most corrupt countries according to the number of ca...

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How Corruption Can Be Tackled And Avoided In The Future In Fifa

FIFA was founded back in 1904 where it only stood as a volunteer is sponsoring football activities. The main objective of its establishment was to supporting sporting activities, especially football. As an organisation, FIFA, collects funds from sponsors, sell of rights and tickets. The funds are...

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Sports Mascots, Race, And Cultural Appropriation

Sports Mascots, Race, and Cultural AppropriationBelief in various sporting aspects is often culturally associated whereby a team or a sport’s history is often associated with a certain cultural aspect of the team’s origin. Often, sporting beliefs, symbols, customs or traditions have been associat...

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Ncaa Rules And Procedures: Are Penalties Too Harsh For Student Athlete

NCAA Rules and Procedures- Are Penalties Too Harsh for Student Athletes’ vs. UniversitiesProblem StatementOften too many times, the National Collegiate Athletes Association (NCAA) is met by various disciplinary cases which are as a result of misbehavior by student athletes. The council is guided ...