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What Are The Fundamental Purposes Of Business And The Responsibilities Of Strategic Leaders?

The sole purpose of business is to generate profit for shareholders, as Milton Friedman suggests. The primary responsibility of senior leaders of business is to ensure shareholders receive maximum returns.Milton Friedman was the twentieth century’s most well-known advocate of free markets. He pla...


Bonds With Securities Plus Spreadsheet

BOND VALUATIONQ1The higher yields to maturity bonds have a lower rating. This is due to a high yield bond sending signals to the market that the firm issuing the bond has a higher risk of default on coupon and principal payments. The ratings reflect the default risk of the bonds with lower rating...


Hazmat Scenario Soltion

HAZMAT SCENARIO SOLUTIONIntroductionA dot placard of 3318 is non-flammable compressed gas containing ammonia. The number 3318 means that more than 50% of the solution is ammonia. Number 3318 also known as UN3318 undergoes approval from the United Nations committee of experts to identify dangerous...


Hazard Identification And Vulnerabilities To Society

Hazard Identification and Vulnerabilities to SocietyEnvironmental hazards can be caused by many factors. They make human being and other animals’ lives hard by affecting the natural environment of a particular place. In the history of United States hurricane Katrina and hurricane Sandy are some o...


Problem Solving And The Decision Making Process

Problem Solving and the Decision Making ProcessIntroductionDue to the increasing tendency for globalization in the marketplace, the ability to make the right decisions to attain the right results is desirable in management. Most of the management decisions in organizations have significant impact...

Safety Managment 10 Pages

Radiation In Occupation

Radiation in OccupationThe considerations necessary to guarantee the safety of workers and managers of any organization are many. One of the most important is the guard against radiating substances. This is because its process of affecting the human body is not only fatal, but also often unnotice...