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Global Logistics Case Analysis

The four main factors that will affect my business’s upstream or downstream supply chain should the UK not have free access to the European market include;lower economic growthCostTimeImmigration policy

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Global Business Strategies For Multi National Companies: A Case Study Of Samsung

Global Business Strategies for Multi-National Companies: A Case Study of SamsungBackground InformationHistorically, the mobile phone industry was dominated by two major mobile companies, Nokia, and Motorola that had competent dominance over the smartphone networks globally. Samsung later emerged ...

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Enterprise Resource Job Cost Control

The conception of enterprise resource job cost control is regarded as the procedure of supervising import or export based management controls and assessing the functions of job costs (Garg & Venkitakrishnan, 2003). Similarly, this particular approach has been used to complete the project of Al Ay...

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How To Use Dmaic In Improving Processes

How to Use DMAIC in Improving Processes The improvement of the quality of a project calls for a disciplined approach. While many project managers prefer informal methods of resolving quality problems, it is highly recommended that a step-wise approach be adopted. Just like all other disciplin...