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Health Economics Problem Solving

Health Economics Problem SolvingAnswer 1The demand curve is the particular curve anticipated in the situation. This is because under the law of demand, change in price causes an absolute change in quantity of goods or service demanded if all other factors are constant. Therefore, the pricing of f...

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Research Paper On The Republic By Plato

The Republic by PlatoSummary Analysis The Republic of Plato is a masterpiece Socratic dialogue written by Plato with regards to the true definition of justice. Besides seeking to define what justice is, the dialogue also seeks to identify the order and traits of the just city-state as well a...

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Impacts Of Petroleum On Macroeconomics

Petroleum is a very precious commodity since it is the world’s major source of energy and its products such are kerosene, gasoline and diesel are largely used in production, transportation, and households. Petroleum plays an important role in the economy since almost all sectors of the economy di...

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Smoking And Its Effects Pt. 2

Final Paper Q#2:If the government imposes a tax, how will it know how big the impact is likely to be on smoking?if the government imposes a tax, it can easily track the number of smokers by use of tax calculations. The measurement of smoking impacts would also be done by assessing the number of c...

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Marginal Social Cost

Marginal social cost refers to the cost to the whole society coming through the production of an extra unit or after taking of one action in a place’s economy. The total cost is derived from not just the cost of producing the units by the producer, but also, the cost that producing the unit had o...

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Unemployment In The Us

Unemployment is an important topic in economics nowadays. What is unemployment? Why is unemployment rampant? Is it a permanent problem? Unemployment is the situation that involves a person being unable to produce, or earn a living. The problem of unemployment is very rampant and spread in the wor...

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Public Good

Public Good In the matter concerning economics, public good is an item that is non-rivalrous, and also non-excludable. In that, I mean a good that people cannot be excluded from using such as public parks and public beaches. In case of using such a commodity, no other person may be granted l...

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Economic Inequality. Types Of Household

Economic Inequality. Types of household. Despite having salaries almost equal to their male counterparts, female workers still do not view equality as being present in the workplace. The gender pay gap has not increased much for the last decade. Women choose field or positions with low remuner...

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Tax Reform Is Not Dead

Tax The tax system in the United States is set at a federal level and also at the state level. The several types of taxes in the country include capital gains tax, income tax and sales tax. The federal taxes are separate from the state taxes and each authority taxes its taxes differently. The ...

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Production Quotas

Production Quotas In France, tobacconists have been permitted by the law to sell electronic cigarettes. These are tobacco products that do not produce smoke and, therefore, bring a lot of competition to the cigarette industry. E-cigarettes are, however, also subjected to advertising limitation...