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Tap Water's Advantage Over Bottled Water

Tap Water's Advantage over Bottled WaterSometimes it can seem if the world is in the same place as Samuel Taylor Coleridge was when he stated these famous words from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, "Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink." Is the world surrounded by water that cannot be...

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EcologyA biome is an ecosystem that spreads widely over a geographical location, and its structure is physically characterized by the presence of dominant life forms. Irrespective of its place of occurrence in the world, the climate, soil, vegetation, and animals are the same. Near the poles, the...

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Hano93I agree with the fact that the use of antibiotics for growth purposes in industrial food animal production has been on the rise. The only problem of using this technological advancement is that its overuse brings with it some side effects. Researches indicate that since the use of antibioti...

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Phosphorus Concentration In Aquatic Environments

Part B: QuestionsQuestion 1The first set of the hypotheses was based on the mean total phosphorus concentration (μg/L) in the flasks. The null and alternative hypotheses were framed as follows:Null hypothesis: The initial and final measurements for the mean total phosphorus concentration (μg/L) w...