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North Korea's Culture

IntroductionNorth Korea is a country which occupies at least half of North Korean peninsula. Founded in 1948, (that's the year which freed itself from colonization), North Korea was previously handed down by the United States and the Soviet Union (USSR). Historically, North Korea was regarded as ...


Clst201 1

CultureCulture can be defined as the shared knowledge, beliefs and ideas which are reinforced by members of a certain group. Culture is like the air we breathe. It is invisible but we heavily rely on it for survival; its logic gives the world order. Stereotypes cloud our judgment of culture. Thro...


Hybrid Mixture Of Cultures

Hybrid mixture of culturesGlobalization is no longer a subject of debate. Social-cultural, economical, political as well as commercial structures are merging towards a global uniformity and taking up traceable similarities. Trends are building up all around the world. The previously defined bound...


African Diaspora

African DiasporaBlack sociology is important because it helps in studying the structure as well as the functioning of the black community including the various units and processes it has. This includes the study of their families, groups, institutions, values, views, race relations, gender, class...


Racism In China

AbstractChina is a homogeneous country with fifty six ethnic communities officially recognized by the system. Individuals from different countries and the people from the various ethnic communities at times are faced with racism or discrimination. Looking at the foreign nations as far the issues ...


Cultural Awareness Of The Middle East

Cultural awareness of the Middle EastVarious scholars have different definitions of culture. According to Hofstede, Culture can be defined as the combined mind programming act by a group, which that group members from others in another group (Hofstede 21). This programming of the mind according t...


Same Sex Marriage

Same-Sex MarriageThe Political Aspects of Same-Sex MarriageThere have been different views about same-sex marriage in the political arenas (Kranz and Cusick 104). The conservatives believe that marriage is a union between the man and the woman. They argue from the perspective of the Defense of Ma...


Comparing Ancient Female Rule

EARLY FEMALE INFLUENTIALS Female rulers were uncommon in the ancient times and those who were able to rise to these positions were fortunate. Here, this comparative essay will view two female leaders, the Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra, who existed from 69 to 30 B.C and the Chinese Empress Wu Zetian,...


The Caribbean Cultural E Explorations

The Caribbean cultural E-ExplorationsCaribbean culture explains all the literary, music, social, culinary, and political elements that the Caribbean people practice in life. The culture is mainly influenced by the European living, and the French, British, and Spanish culture.


Concepts Of China And Chinese Development

Concepts of China and Chinese DevelopmentChina has in the recent past grown at such a fast rate that it has surprised many especially those in the west. Until the 1970s, according to Lin, china’s economy was one-20th that of the United States. Today the economy is half the size that of America an...


Non Violence: The Only Road To Freedom

Non-Violence: The Only Road to FreedomMartin Luther King Jr. is one of the most renowned civil rights leaders in American history. His non-violent marches are credited with galvanizing the civil rights movement and the justice system into effecting numerous reforms with regards to African America...


Latino Cultural Expressions

Latino Cultural ExpressionsQuestion 1The pre-colonial period in Latin America was marked by the flourishing of early civilizations at different times. Such rapid developments that thrived included Mesoamerica and Andes. After the arrival of Christopher Columbus in Americas in 1492, European major...


The Color Of Water By James Mcbride

The Color of Water by James McbrideContext and author informationThe author, James McBride was born to a black father and a white Polish immigrant mother in 1957. His biological father had dies while his mother was pregnant with him, and so he called his stepfather daddy. E and his eleven sibling...


The Special Opportunities

The Special OpportunitiesIt is true that the prosperous people benefit from the unrevealed merits and the extraordinary opportunities that usually accompany the cultural legacy of an individual. It is until an individual realizes the opportunity that one enjoys it and makes the legacy out of it. ...


American Constitution

American ConstitutionThe United States needed to replace the Articles of Confederation with the U.S. constitution for the main purposes of having the created nation exist and function as one united country and not as thirteen separately organized nations. The articles had created the loose confed...


The Health Reasons To Use Islamic Way Of Slaughter

The health reasons to use Islamic way of slaughterThe reasons of using Islamic way of slaughtering based on health have been researched by various scientists. Hanover (16) says that the law forbids the slaughtering and consumption of animals that died from asphyxiation. This is because when one c...


A Comparison Of Neurality Of Middle East Media And Western Media

A Comparison of Neutrality of Middle East Media and Western MediaThe Middle East Media and Western Media operate through the conduct of research and reporting the things that happen in various places. The two are dedicated to offering advertisement services to their clients and allowing people to...


The Past, Present And Future Of Ghallywood's Africa Films

Background InformationThe development of popular videos industries in Ghana and Nigeria is a symbol of significant development in African cultural production.The rise of the film industry in Africa is an attempt to disrupt the hegemony of the Western film industries such as Hollywood. In Africa, ...


Material Culture

IntroductionMaterial culture refers to the history of objects and the relationships that exist between people and things. The study of material culture, therefore, is concerned with a relationship that people have with their things, the history, making, and interpretation of such objects. Materia...


The Difference Between Us: Race The Power Of An Illusion (Video)

A biological view of race sees people according to the attributes that are genetically inherited, that is, the genetic make-up of people from different regions. The social view on the other hand looks at the people’s appearance, for example, in terms of their color.


Feminist Family Theory

IntroductionThe feminist family theory seeks to analyze the impact that family has on the life of women. According to the feminist family theorists, women are accorded a subordinate position in the family leading to exploitation. Women are considered, under this theory, as victims of suffering in...



Question 1The idea of race has been around for a long time. Elements of race could be seen in the development of hierarchies in ancient Greece where they referred to the Persians as barbarians. (California Newsreel, 2003d) The idea of race was, however, redeveloped after the start of slavery.


Last Train Home

Last Train HomeIn the Last Train Homefilm, the documentary describes the migration of workers in China. Every year, an estimated 130 million factory workers migrate from the urban centers to the rural areas. The workers migrate in order to meet up with their families back in the provincial villag...


White Privelige

QuestionWhy is it hard to acknowledge the white privilege in the society, lessen its existence or end it?AnswerThe society operates in a way that it advantages one group while at the same time disadvantaging the other. Privilege refers to a favored state within the society. Whites do not acknowle...


Parenting Styles

Parenting styles The joy of a parent comes from seeing that their children are successful and happy. To achieve this, parents believe that the success of their children, even in their adult life, depends on how they were raised. The way a child is raised will to a large extent determine how the c...