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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence is ability of machines to possess human traits. Intelligence is the main human trait that engineers are very concern about how to transfer it from humans to machine. Sir Allan Turin in his landmark paper on “Machines and Intelligence”, de...


Internet Information Services

Internet Information Services Internet logs are files created automatically and maintained by the server and shows all activities that are performed when accessing the internet. When the network has a problem network administrators need to review all logs and may even delete some which are b...


Real Life Computing Environments That Benefit From Multi Core Technology

Real-Life Computing Environments That Benefit From Multi-Core TechnologyMulti-core processing technology has provided business organizations with many benefits that ensure effective and reliable functionality and operations in various business activities. In terms of processing speed, multi-core ...


Preventing Corporate Espionage, Handling Employees , And Asset Identification In Your Organization

Preventing Corporate EspionageCorporate, economic or industrial espionage refers to theft of trade secrets for commercial purposes rather than national security hence the name espionage. Theft of trade secrets can be done through recording, removal or copying of the valuable and confidential info...


I Protect You Pro

iProtectYou ProPassword SpecificationiProtectYou Pro is a program that runs in the background of the computer while the users are in the process of surfing the internet. The software allows you to set and specify the administrator password through changing the default administrator’s password int...


Deuses Motorcycles

DEUSES MOTORCYCLEEXECUTIVE SUMMARYDeuses Motorcycles, (hereinafter “Business”) is a dealership whose intended formation is by a single owner. The business will be located at (INSERT ADDRESS). The business is seeking funding for the initiation and stocking of the business.Business DescriptionThe b...



CHARTCreate a chart that portrays the below case:In Q3 2010, the mobile phone OS market was shared as below:Apple Iphone OS dominated by 27.9%Blackberry's RIm came second with a market share of 27.7%Followed by Adroid OS which had 22.7 market shareWindows mobile had a 14% shareSymbian OS 3.4%Linu...



CHARTCreate a chart that portrays the below case:The mobilephone OS market was shared as below:Apple Iphone OS dominated by 27.9%Blackberry's RIm came second with a market share of 27.7%Followed by Adroid OS which had 22.7 market shareWindows mobile had a 14% shareSymbian OS 3.4%Linux 3.3%And fin...


Code Of The Streets

Code of the Streets The code of the streets is street culture in the inner city, which has resulted to the formulation of a set of informal rules. The informal rules in the inner city govern the social public behavior in the inner city (Anderson, 1). The rules recommend the appropriate condu...

Computer science 12 Pages

System Analysis And Design

SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGNSystem analysis and design are a part of computer science that deals with two different disciplines that is system analysis and system design. System analysis is a technique for solving technical problems by breaking a system into its smallest components and then analyzi...


Big Data

Big dataBig data is very large data sets that can be analyzed computationally to reveal trends, associations, and patterns especially relating to human interactions and behavior. Big data describe exponential growth and availability of data, both unstructured and structured.


Mobile App Development Project

Name of Project: Mobile App DevelopmentProject Description:The project is a mobile application development project. The project is the process to lay out the steps to follow in the development of a mobile application. The project will provide a schedule for the development of the mobile app and t...


The Human Computer Interface

The Human Computer Interface Haptic FeedbackHaptic feedback or simply “haptics” is the use of touch sense in the user interface design to provide end user with relevant information. Haptic feedback uses advanced waveforms and vibration patterns to deliver information to an operator or user. The t...


Typesetting Systems.

Typesetting SystemsIntroductionsTechnology in computers has evolved rapidly over the years, bringing in more complex systems and programs to work with. This evolution has also seen new entrants into the computer software business, introducing new software into the market. This has created stiff c...


Network Access Control

Network access controlWhen a network is set up, the owner must identify the kind of information or data to be accessed by other people. It is important to make sure that only the authorized people access data. Insecurity in networks is a trending issue with the emergence of many networks where im...


Business Project: Design Document And Project Plan

BUSINESS PROJECTIntroductionBusiness has been done since the old days where it involved the exchange of good and properties. After the introduction of the currency, there were changes in the business trend but it remained the same since the exchange of the goods was done with the currency of the ...


Linux Operating System Overview

CFor a computer to be operational, it must have an operating system (OS). An operating system controls all the activities taking place on the computer such as processing. Some types of operating system are Windows, Linux, and Android.


Programming Languages

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGESProgramming languages are important in today’s ever-evolving technology as they make the machine work easier and faster for programmers as these languages make complex tasks such as print work on the computers screens much faster and with ease. This creates a user friendly vi...


Digital Media In Communication

Digital Media in CommunicationIntroductionCommunication is a vital aspect of every organization or individual. People need to share information and data for smooth operations in businesses or their daily activities. For communication to be effective, it must be facilitated by the use of various c...


​Building An Access Control System​ ​

Scope StatementThe college’s information security team has seen the need to enhance the security in the dormitory. College security team initiates a project to work on the installation of an access control system in the dormitory. The project aims at creating an access control system that will re...


Spring Software: Rental Cost Projection



Issues In Information Systems Management

WALMART'S SUPPLY CHAINQuestion #1The supply chain in Walmart starts from its various stores so as to enhance the business tactics needed in improving Walmart. The retail linking system used in Walmart to ship goods to various local Walmart’s stores is mainly triggered by the need to deliver the r...


Building Own Laptop

Building Own LaptopLaptops have become the norm of the day as a convenient replacement for desktop computers that are very heavy to move around and have slower processing speed. Building a personal laptop is possible and should have specifications that fit personal tastes. When designing a person...


Building Own Desktop Computer

Building Own Desktop ComputerComputers have become a necessity all over the world to an extent that there is the need to have a personal one to avoid constant visits to the cyber which may be straining or at times congested. Desktops may be heavier that laptops but they are very powerful machines...


Computer Applications In Management

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