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Smoking And Its Effects On The Economy

Smoking and Its Effects on the EconomyHow Much Smoking Is Costing the Economy?Smoking is the leading cause of many of the preventable ailments and premature deaths in the United States and also globally. It has high health and economic related costs to the affected individuals, employers as well ...


Beer Game In Supply Chain Management

The beer game is normally played on a board and represents four components of the Beer Supply Chain. The components include the factory, distributor, wholesaler, and the retailer. Orders set by managers from all components including the stockpile on transit are represented by nickels located on t...


Case Study On The Big Idea

Big Case What is the BIG Idea? Companies are unable to access a large pool of inventors and if they do, retaining them often takes more time and extra costs to gain. Inventors are looking for new ways of earning money, and they will not shy away from such an idea if another company were to ...


Foreign Exchange Exposure

OverviewAmerican Creations is a company that has its manufacturing companies operating in America. The company deals with doing complete home furnishes and interior design for wealthy clients in the Caribbean, Miami, Los Angles, and other states. However, the company intends to expand its operati...

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Reducing A Company's Travel And Entertainment Costs

INTRODUCTION Electrovision has always encouraged a significant amount of business travel, believing that it is an effective way of operating. To compensate employees for the inconvenience and stress of frequent trips, management has authorized generous travel and entertainment (T&E) allowa...


Why The Rich Are Getting Richer

Why the Rich are Getting Richer According to Robert Reich, the gap that has existed between the rich and the poor people is widening. The rich people are amassing more wealth while the poor are losing the little they have to the wealthy individuals. The article is used to e...


Denver Healthcare Practises

Introduction The health care organization operates an information system at its head quarters that oversees important issues and information about eh operations of the health care institution. This involves a stand by 911 emergency centers, as well as, a poisons and drugs center. This goes f...

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The Challenges Of Implementing Financial Controls In Sm Es

The Challenges of Implementing Financial Controls in SMEs Abstract Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are among the most promising investment sectors of any economy. In fact, economies aiming at boosting their GDP growth need to reinvest in their SMEs and implement strategic management sys...

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Importance Of Auditing Practices In Sm Es Financial Performance

Importance of Auditing Practices in SMEs Financial Performance Research Thesis: The poor adherence to auditing practices in SMEs explains their weak financial performance. Abstract Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are among the most promising investment sectors of any economy. In fac...