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Ocean Acidification

IntroductionThere is a great environmental change in the current environment which has occurred like never before. The air pollution in industries has played an important role in the contribution of the global warming. Global warming is witnessed in the changing climatic patterns where the temper...


My Business Concept

My Business ConceptAfter graduation from high school, I had my first big dilemma: how to choose my college major. I felt so confused about my future because I did not know what I really wanted to do. One day over summer vacation, my father told me “you have to deeply understand yourself before yo...


Application To Summer Exchange/ Internship Programs

Application to Summer Exchange/ Internship ProgramsI have always had a passion to pursue a business program. This is the reason that influenced me to enroll as a business school student in financial planning and personal finance. The passion and interest came from my childhood dreams of managing ...