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African Women And Politics

African Women and PoliticsWomen representation in political power is a controversial issue that has been on the rise. After watching the video “The African Woman and Politics”, it is evident there is a need for extra women in political power in order to eliminate the male d...

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African American History: Slavery

African-American History: SlaverySlavery in America has existed for more than four centuries. It started in the 16th century when the first African slaves were taken to the North American colony. The slaves were required to aid in the agricultural activities that were taking place in the region b...

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Book Review: Hottentot Venus, Barbara Chase Riboud

Book Review: Hottentot Venus – Barbara Chase- Riboud Stories explained within the background of colonialism are rather not exceptional. Neither are stories about exploitation, misogyny and tragic lives. Perhaps, this is because they tend to remind readers of evils that transpired during thos...