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Casual/Fine Dining


In terms of Planning, Organizing, commanding, co-coordinating, & controlling explain the differences in casual & and fine Dining. 

Explain how quality of the food & beverage operations for the guest is monitored in casual & fine dining 

Discuss which factors determine quality standards in the business


Title: Casual/Fine Dining
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Casual/Fine Dining

The hospitality management industry has become quite broad in the recent days. Different hotels and restaurants have developed a variety of foods and beverages for their customers. The types and quality of foods in a hospitality premise is determined by the nature of coordination, control, planning, and organization of the people offering the services. These factors dictate whether the premise is either a casual or a fine dining hospitality management premise. This study seeks to identify the differences between casual and fine dining and how the quality factors that determine standards in the business such as a casual/fine dining restaurant.

 One of the differences on managerial planning between fine dining and casual dining facilities is that the business plan for a fine dining facility is complicated than that of a casual dining facility. This is because of the big goals and objectives set by the fine dining facilities that do not need to happen in a casual dining facility.


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