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Case Study: Strategic Project Management


Case Study: Strategic Project Management Made Simple: Practical Tools for Leaders and Teams; Strengthen Teamwork Across Functions, page 220.

Question #1

1. Were the Logical Framework success measures “SMART” when applied to the outcomes, purpose and objectives of the project?  Describe how and why you believe they were or were not SMART for each element of the Logical Framework (outcomes, purpose, and goal).

Question #2

2. How would you rate (High/Medium/Low) the Logical Framework assumptions made about the project in terms of project risk for the outcomes, purpose, and goal of the project?  How would you manage the highest risks identified?


Title: Case Study: Strategic Project Management
Length: 2 pages (657 Words)
Style: APA


Many businesses formulate policies to increase on their profitability. Some of these policies work and are successful whereas others fail terribly leading to losses to the company. This is why managers have to do constant checks on their policies to determine whether the policies have a chance at bringing success or it may be a waste of their time or resources. ARINIC being a major provider of transport communications and systems engineering solutions came up with a policy to improve its services to its customers, which was to ensure that ARINIC has an infrastructure that facilitates global growth in multiple market segments. The company has also come up with its goals and objectives which include: ensuring that the revenue increases from 15-20% in the next two years, a five year plan that guarantees the company has incurred revenue from international sources, and expanding into a global entity in the next three years. It is prudent for every company to conduct thorough analyses and evaluate if its strategies are viable or ‘SMART’.


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