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Case Study Questions On Emotional Intelligence


1-Compare between Constructive & Destructive Behaviors with Examples?

2-State and explain three ways of developing your EI? 

3-What do you mean by the term “Manage Emotions” in EI?

4-What do you understand by EI & Why you feel it is important in today’s world?

5-Explain Daniel Goleman any two competencies of EI?

6-Name 2 sides of EI?



Title: Case Study Questions On Emotional Intelligence
Length: 1 pages (431 Words)
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Case Study Questions

Compare between Constructive & Destructive Behaviours with Examples?

Constructive behavior alleviate the heights of emotional distress through actions like consoling and counselling while destructive perpetuate negative emotions in the subjects or in oneself through actions like façade and ignorance.

State and explain three ways of developing your EI?

-The first step would be identifying an individual’s emotional strength. Knowing how much an individual can handle helps in creating coping mechanism.

- Learning not to edit one’s feelings. Taping into the feelings helps in identifying the heights of implications that the peak of these feelings can bring about. -Connecting one’s feelings with their thoughts helps in bringing logic even in the most sentimental moments (Jekyll and Hyde).


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