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Case Study Proposal: A Net Zero Energy Home In Urbana Illinois


Write a case study proposal based on 11.7 Case Study: A Net Zero Energy Home in Urbana Illinois.....p 588 (see attached)

Papers should be between 1250-1500 words, 12 point font, double-spaced, and formatted in the MLA Style. and you should relate your case study or environmental topic to one of the environmental ethical theories that we study in this class, as described by Rolston and our primary readings (see the Course Guide of our syllabus for the week-by-week readings). At least 1/3 of your paper should be the application of one of our environmental ethics (Reason, Emotion, Physical Action) to your topic. The main idea is to select a case study or topic and apply one or more of the ethical theories from our course to it, and see what kind of conclusion or recommendations you can come up with . . . please read below for more details! 

Review the text Sustainability, and select one of the case studies or topics from the book with a view to writing a final paper on it, applying one of the ethical theories that we are studying in the course to the case study or topic. The case studies are spread throughout the text. Or, you could select a particular topic. For example > 3.3 Milankovitch Cycles and the Climate of the Quaternary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 10.2 It's Not Easy Being Green: Anti-Environmental Discourse, Behavior, and Ideology ............ 478 See the syllabus for details regarding your final paper/final project. Note that it does not have to be in the format of a final research paper. If you like, you can propose a different format, such as a PowerPoint presentation or some kind of a multimedia presentation. Most students do write a final paper, but you have the option of proposing a different format. If you do write a final paper, you may use any of your writing from your forum posts and or journal entries and include them in your paper as appropriate to your particular case study or topic. Special note: you are not limited to our textbook Sustainability. You may review any materials in our Course Guide for potential case studies or topics. Additionally, you may propose any case study or topic that you are interested in... Many students propose topics that are of particular interest to them, and/or that they have some prior academic or work experience with, or relate to their ideal future vocation.

 It is good to formulate an idea for your final paper/project as soon as possible, but we are not writing in stone here, so you can modify or change your topic as the class progresses. Some students actually find something in the last half of the course that they want to work on, and that is also fine. It is best to communicate with the Instructor regarding ideas and possible modifications/changes after Week 5, which can be done via the Messages section of our classroom. Here are some additional resources if you would like to check them out. The first link goes to a site called EcoJustice TV. It has a tremendous amount of current events and videos and resources. The second link is to an open course in environmental ethics and particularly a short article summarizing the basic theories of ethics. For your final paper/project you will have to match up your case study with one or more environmental ethics, or a variation of a theory of morality/ethics. I recommend that you take a look at both of these if you get a chance! The Nature of Morality and Moral Theories

Case Study.docx


Title: Case Study Proposal: A Net Zero Energy Home In Urbana Illinois
Length: 6 pages (1824 Words)
Style: MLA


Case Study Proposal: A Net Zero Energy Home in Urbana Illinois

Net-Zero buildings are a fast growing trend all over the world with major urban cities adopting this trend. Net zero energy homes are buildings designed to have zero gross energy consumption. The total energy used in the building is equal to the renewable amount of energy the building generates every year. These buildings are fitted with onsite renewable energy generators such as produce energy to be used in the building. The building itself is designed to use as little energy as possible in amounts that do not exceed that produced on site. With sustainability being a critical issue in modern day developments, new developments seek to achieve the newly adopted sustainable development goals that push for global sustainable development. The Equinox House in Urban, Illinois is a masterpiece created by the Newels specifically for an old couple in Illinois. According to (Kanter, 2015), the house’s electricity requirement for the year between December 2010 and December 2011 was 12,000 Kilowatts and the electricity production capacity of the installed water heaters was 11,000 kilowatts. This 1000 kilowatt deficient was however due to the fact that the solar panels were on line for quite some time before they were installed in the house.


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