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Management 4 Pages

Case Study: Peter Browning And Continental White Cap (A)

  • What are Browning’s dilemmas at White Cap? Explain.
  • What should his broad change objectives be? What time frame is needed?
  • Based on the information from Chapter 3, what are three factors that should influence the way Peter Browning approaches this situation.
  • What should he do specifically in dealing with
    • White and Lawson
    • Stark
    • Green.

                  Make sure you outline how you would approach each.

  • How is Browning perceived? How will your proposed actions affect the personal image and credibility of Browning?

Title: Case Study: Peter Browning And Continental White Cap (A)
Length: 4 pages (1246 Words)
Style: MLA


Case Study: Peter Browning and Continental White Cap (A)

Answer 1

 Peter Browning is tasked with a major dilemma of bringing about positive change in the organization without negatively influencing the employees especially due to the long observed traditions and practices. Being a reputable manager, his superiors expected nothing but the best from him especially after saving a dying company earlier before he joined the Continental Group. With White Cap being the leading division of Continental Group, the division had well forged and unique organizational culture and a unique leadership style. Amidst the fast-growing competition in the cap making industry, White Cap needed to regain its glory and Mr. Browning was tasked with the challenge of pushing the division back to its former glory of being the market leader. A major challenge facing Browning was dealing with the existing paternalistic business approach and the traditional business model which had been used since the establishment of the company. The company had not developed ways to tackle competition as it had for long operated without competition. In addition to this, the company’s management was reluctant to adopt new changes that would see the company cope well in the face of the glaring competition. At the time of his arrival, White Cap was already facing stiff competition from both its domestic competitors as well as its international rivals.


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