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Case Study Analysis: Bp Struggles To Repair Its Tarnished Repair


Project description
Imagine a legal framework regulating any one of the four areas for the day (detention, interrogation, covert action, or lethal force). What should be the goals of the law? Who are the laws designed to protect? What behavior should the laws encourage or discourage?
Do you agree with Hathaways argument in favor of prosecuting terrorists in American domestic courts using domestic criminal law? Why or why not?
Do you believe there is a conflict between international human rights law and effectively prosecuting terrorists? If yes, be able to point to specific provisions of international law (the Convention Against Torture, the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, etc) that are inappropriate when dealing with terrorists.
Lubans article was written 14 years ago. Is his assessment of the war-law hybrid still relevant today?


Title: Case Study Analysis: Bp Struggles To Repair Its Tarnished Repair
Length: 6 pages (1500 Words)
Style: APA


Executive Summary

In April 20th 2010, Deepwater Horizon exploded in Gulf of Mexico killing 11 people instantly and following the spill of oil, there were massive damage to the environment around the Gulf Coast. British Petroleum (BP) the company which owned the problem, was criticized massively for both public and the media as a result of is poor handling of oil spill and its struggle to launch a substantial media campaign involving both traditional and social media. 


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