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Case Study #1
Economics 3 Pages

Case Study #1


 A. Compare and contrast at least five top most characteristics of world class business organizations with Coca-Cola. Discuss the importance of Managerial Economics for successful business organizations. 03 marks 

B. Identify and critically evaluate at least four UAE companies that you regard them as having the characteristics listed in the above answer. 02 marks

C. What did you learn from the above case study to describe the principles and concepts of managerial economics?02 marks


Title: Case Study #1
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Is Coca-Cola the “Perfect” Business?

Question A

The Coca-Cola company is not only one of the most successful companies in the world, it is also ranks high among the most valued. According to Statista, Coca-Cola boasts of $177,142.3 million in global market value, a figure that is highly connected toa wide range of customers globally as its non-alcoholic beverage can be consumed by both young and the old alike. However, creating a sustainable business success requires a world-class excellence.Coca-Cola’s competitive advantage is arguably in its secret recipe, which tastes better compared to other cola drinks as well as the company’s extensive distribution network. 

The few companies in the world that are at the same level with Coca-Cola are Apple and Goldman Sachs. As the title suggest, the companies are able to overcome competition in their chosen markets, allowing the company to curve a niche of clients that they are able to continuously and effectively satisfy. The successful companies globally are expected to offer high-quality products and services with utmost customer delight, for instance, Apple’s intuitive design and innovation in consumer electronics has made it a titan in the electronics market. Goldman Sach’s cutting edge is in its brand and reputation.


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