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Case Analysis Of The Messenger Case


Write an essay about case analysis of the Messenger Case and link most of the bio-ethical theories.


Title: Case Analysis Of The Messenger Case
Length: 8 pages (2213 Words)
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Case Analysis of the Messenger Case 

Facts of the Case 

On the crack of dawn of February 8, 1994, the wife of dermatologist Gregory Messenger, Traci Messenger, went into premature labor at about 25 weeks into gestation, according to details of the case provided by two pediatricians, John Lantos and William Meadow. That morning and afternoon, Ms. Gregory obstetrician administered various drugs to either try to slow down or stop her labor. At about 6:30 pm. Dr. Padmani Karna from the NICU staff informed the Messenger’s that their child had a 90% chance of developing intracranial bleeding if it managed to survive birth. This also involved risking its degree of becoming physically and mentally handicapped.


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