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Career Marketing Plan


You will want to use the model in table 2.1 Page 36 from the book "Essentials of marketing 7th edition author Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel. you will use this as a guide to make sure you include all major elements of a marketing plan.


Title: Career Marketing Plan
Length: 5 pages (1375 Words)
Style: MLA


Career Marketing Plan

1. Mission 

Upon looking for a job, my main mission is to ensure maximum satisfaction to both my employer and myself. This means that I must make sure that I choose an organization that will offer an opportunity to for my career that I will enjoy doing to earn a living. Additionally, I will also ensure the satisfaction of my employer, who, in this case, is my customer by making sure that I perform all of my duties and ensure I deliver a maximum output for the benefit of both my employer and me. Since choosing a career is one of the most important decisions in each student's life, I have taken my time and consulted most members of my friends and family before choosing my career. Most importantly, I have identified what I would wish to do as my career. This is because the career that I choose will determine my income and also, it will create a positive effect on my lifestyle. Besides, the same career will also have a significant impact on my happiness and self-fulfillment. Furthermore, The main purpose of marketing myself to the potentials employers is to create exchanges that satisfy individual as well as organizational objectives considering that a career is certainly an exchange situation for both a person and an organization.


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