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Career Exploration


Career Exploration/Development Paper:  

Students will submit a paper that integrates the following information into a coherent, clearly written explanation of their career exploration to this point.  Students should include in the paper:

•A career autobiography up to this point within the context of four of the major career development theories (Super; Krumboltz; Holland;, Betz & Hackett).  

•A discussion of the use of personality, interest, and values assessments in making career decisions in general, and of what their individualized results on these assessments indicate about their possible career options.  

•A discussion of the research they have done on their career options using the O*Net database and the Occupations Outlook Handbook (both are online databases).  

•A discussion of information gained from informational interviews with two professionals in their field(s) of interest.

•A discussion of where students are in the decision-making process and what they need to do to proceed through the steps of the decision-making model.

•Students will attend one workshop given by the Career Development Center on campus and integrate the information they learned at the workshop into their paper in terms of how it applies to their preparation for the world of work.  

•Students will compose and attach a resume and cover letter at the back of the paper.  These documents should be geared toward obtaining a position to gain experience in their area of interest (internship, apprenticeship, etc.).  In the paper, based on an analysis of their resume, students should discuss what kind of experience they need to acquire to become more marketable to their field of interest.

•Finally, students will discuss how their academic experience and success are related to their career development and success


Title: Career Exploration
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Career Exploration

Career Autobiography

My name is Antonne. I was born and raised up in the China. I later moved to the United States out of the influence of my parents were moving and so to the United States, we settled in the North Carolina. I come from a middle class family. It is composed of four members, that is, my parents, my younger sister and I. My sister is pursuing nursing and will soon be working in a hospital. On the other hand, my father is a business person. My mother recently retired from the banking profession. 

My family is a healthy one as my parents love their children and believe that each and every child should pursue the career they love. Importantly, according to Krumboltz,the relevant career development theories are Trait factor and Psychological. Accordingly, trait factor of an individual matches the individual’s traits to his/her desired occupation. 

Furthermore, according to Super, the relevant development theories are Decision and Developmental. Correspondingly, Decision takes into account the situational factors that make one choose a certain career path. On the other hand, the Developmental theory takes into account one’s self concept rather than his/her life spanBy the same token, I will elaborate on my career autobiography.


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