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Business Project: Design Document And Project Plan


Design Document

Systems integration is intended to combine subsystems to support business processes. It is important to understand the target business process and how to appropriately document the process and the design for the solution. Perform some research on business process identification and tools for documentation of business processes and use this information to help formulate the design of the system that will support the business process.

Project Plans

Project plans include several key components.  Perform some research on project planning and develop a project plan that will help guide the remainder of the “Business to be created project” (See attached). The plan will include a schedule and budget for the project. The actual costs of the project may be estimated although they should reflect real-world costs for in-house development. The purpose for this part is to show good project planning skills and to identify the resources required and potential risks to the project.


Title: Business Project: Design Document And Project Plan
Length: 9 pages (2600 Words)
Style: APA




 Business has been done since the old days where it involved the exchange of good and properties. After the introduction of the currency, there were changes in the business trend but it remained the same since the exchange of the goods was done with the currency of the same value. Globalization enlightened people and the exchange of the good and services has increased such that currently, there is the international trade where a universal currency can be used. Some of the common currencies that are being used in the current world and the world markets are the United States Dollars and the European Euros. The changes in the level of technology have also resulted in advancements in the business field. There have been online transactions that are carried out.


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