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Business Plan (Flood Crisis Around Strewn Winery) Niagara On The Lake, Ontario, Canada


You are required to select a property and write a complete business continuity plan (BCP) for a crisis scenario that the property could anticipate occurring. (i.e.: a tsunami in NOTL is not acceptable) It is suggested that you contact the property and ask permission to do the assignment with their assistance. This will be a great networking opportunity and a perfect document for your portfolio!

Group Assessments: This assessment may be done in a group of three students maximum. If this is done in a group all participating members must follow and submit documentation required by the BABH Group assignment guide published on the BABH 9804 web site. A midterm Peer Evaluation Report and a final must be submitted. Both reports will be submitted separate from the report, through the web site. The midterm peer report will be submitted as per the schedule (Close to Mid-term break). The final peer report will be due the same day as the full report. The report grade will be allocated to group members in accordance to the peer reports. It is strongly recommended that minutes of all meetings be kept and made available to all members. An appeal of the grade allocation will not be considered unless the minutes and peer reports are submitted.

The Report 

Because this is only an academic exercise, a complete BCP is almost impossible to complete in the time frame given.  Your subtitle and coverage material for this report will be limited to the following.


Title: Business Plan (Flood Crisis Around Strewn Winery) Niagara On The Lake, Ontario, Canada
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: APA


Business Plan


Every business operates under certain objectives that guide the operations within the business in order to attain certain goals. These goals have to be realistic and attainable to the extent that procedures are in place to ensure attainment of the goals. Most of the business plans aim at minimizing the risks at a business setting as well as maximizing on the available opportunities. For this business plan, the primary goal is to minimize the effects of the hurricane crisis and placing stringent measures in place to reduce the effects of the hurricane. Some risks in a business are beyond the control of man and in such cases, the only way to deal with the cases is to put a plan in place to minimize the risks. In the case of the hurricane, the occurrence is a natural phenomenon and through good measurements, it is possible to contain the damage (Abrams, 2003, p. 1).


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