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Communications 4 Pages

Business Communication


Choose a company and research how they communicate to their shareholders, public, consumers, etc. Have they ever had bad communication? How do they use social media? How has communication made them successful? Give examples. Must be MLA format. Between 1000-2000 words. Need works cited page.


Title: Business Communication
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


Business Communication

Keeping stakeholders such as employees and customers informed is critical in helping them identify with the business ideas and the direction the business is headed. According to a recent Harris Poll, effective communication is vital in building the company’s reputation and brand (Brooks). A company is likely to perform better if the employees and the customers feel good about the organization, which could only be achieved through communication. 

The stakeholders, especially the employees, need to understand the company's goals, performance, and their own individual contribution (Brooks). The paper aims at exploring the employees and customers communication strategies at Starbucks. It will further discuss bad communication scenario in the corporation, usage of social media, and the role of communication to the success of the company.


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