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Budget Analysis
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Budget Analysis


Write an essay addressing a low income, welfare life style comparing two budgets, one with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Food stamp benefits only and the other with benefits and a minimum wage income. Students will be given a realistic monthly budget for a TANF (welfare) parent and will then be asked to develop a detailed household budget for expenditures including food, housing, utilities, laundry, transportation, day care, and other items. Itemizing household and food budgets in tabular form are very important to making the paper readable and should be included. Failure to do so will result in a point penalty.
When you prepare your budgets do not mingle your Food Stamp (SNAP) and cash incomes. 


Title: Budget Analysis
Length: 4 pages (1168 Words)
Style: APA




 Very many states and federal government organizations, the charities and some companies have been known to offer a good number of assistance programs to the low income earners. Numerous programs help with payment of rent, payment of utility bills, foreclosure assistance, payment of medical expenditure and medical bills among many more assistances. Moreover, many organisations offer assistance to the low income families. State governments provide help in form of a fashion. The State governments provide some low income programs such as the LIHEAP energy bill assistance.


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