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Brexit Challenges In Uk And How It Can Be Adressed


Task: What are the main change challenges with regard to Brexit that the UK Government needs to address and how well are they being addressed?


Title: Brexit Challenges In Uk And How It Can Be Adressed
Length: 7 pages (2800 Words)
Style: APA



Brexit is a general term used to describe the United Kingdom’s mission and procedures of withdrawing from the European Union. In a referendum which was held on 2016 of the vote to leave, the government of the United Kingdom initiated the withdrawal process on 29th March 2017. It is protected the UK will have exited completely by 2019. There have been controversial challenges on the withdrawal process. It should be understood that the referendum which was done lead to Yes or No vote and the outcomes of the referendum was not known. As a result, the UK government failed to pre-organize on the withdrawal process. The terms and legal measures of the existing process have not been discussed, and the UK government is still a full member of the European Union till the implementation of the Brexit is discussed by the responsible bodies.


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