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Boston Pizza Pos


The assessment will require all students to participate as a team of 3 (maximum) to prepare a report and a 5 minute video presentation on the given topics. At the beginning of the term, each student will sign up into a group for a topic. Topics are selected on Blackboard on “first come bases”. The "Your 20 Minute” assessment will be valued at 20% of your total grade for this course. The online summary presentation will be valued at 8% and the full written report will be 12%.

The Requirements

For this performance assessment you will prepare with your team members an essay on the topic assigned followed by a 5 minute video presentation summarizing the highlights of the report.

The Report

Submit to the professor a fully referenced research report. The report will follow the assignment manual as published in the BABH homeroom on Blackboard. The report will include an Introduction, Conclusions, works cited etc... The report will be submitted on Blackboard through Safeassign and a printed report will be submitted to the professor. (Do not include a Declaration page or the Reference page into Safeassign, but attach it to the printed version). There will be a trial Safeassign site allowing your to submit it to see if any work should be redone prior to submitting to the Final SafeAssign site

The Video Presentation

The video presentations summarizing the topic. Your effort here will be to explain to your fellow class mates why they should be interested in this topic for their future career. What are the advantages to the company in the topic? How knowledge of this topic can make the organization more efficient. Etc….

Five minutes is only a guideline, but be aware that the longer it is the less likely your audience will be interested in viewing the entire video. Keep it simple, to the point and captivate your audience. Explain what the topic is and why they should be as interested in it as you were! It is to be posted on using a “Unlisted” setting to prevent copyright problems. See the instructions for this on Blackboard. Then the Youtube URL is to be posted on the discussion board for all students to review. Consider doing such things as:

  1.  Develop a Powerpoint and use a screen Capture tool to create a video. 
  2.  Use a video camera to interview experts on the topic.

It is understood that the learning effort here is for the content and not necessarily the quality of the video presentation. So, don’t panic if the presentation looks rough, simply make sure the content is good. There will be a small portion of the grade for creating the “Wow Factor!” Suggested tools for developing the video are listed on the Blackboard site for the course

The Team effort

This Team assessment must follow the Team Manual for BABH. This includes ‘minutes of the meetings’ and peer assessments that are to be submitted as addendums to the report or in the group’s area of Blackboard. If team members fails to deliver their share of the effort it is expected that a warning will be issued by the rest of the team and a ‘strike’ report given to the professor. Three of these and the member will be removed from the team and given a zero on the assessment. Redistribution of the assessment grades will not be done without a complete set of peer evaluation reports submitted to the professor and mention of the problem in the minutes to the meetings posted in the group’s files.


Title: Boston Pizza Pos
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: APA


Boston Pizza POS


Boston Pizza is a Canadian-based restaurant with franchises locations in Canada, U.S.A, and Mexico. The restaurant was started on 12th of August 1964, courtesy in Edmonton, Alberta. The restaurant has an Edmonton call center that serves all their twenty-one Boston Pizzas locations. The scenario just proves how efficient the restaurant’s system is. POS is defined as a place where sales are made. The area of products and services is an element that the consumer also puts into consideration when making the decisions about whether to purchase a product or not. These points of sales can be into two formats. The first format represents a scenario where the POS is real in the form of a brick and mortar. The other form is the case where the POS is virtual hence taking the format of an electronic retailer that sells products to the customer over the internet platform.


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