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Literature 5 Pages

Book Review: To Kill A Mockingbird


1. What is Atticus’ last statement about people? What theme does this highlight about he views the world? Upon graduation, you will work with “people” in some capacity. Identify how this statement concurs or fails to concur with how you plan to approach customers, clients, or others in your capacity as a teacher, scientist, business leader, or other. 

2. Who killed Bob Ewell? Why does the Sheriff decide to keep this information from the public? Related to Louisiana (or even your home state) how are individuals with limited mental capacity prosecuted in the court of law? Are they responsible for their actions? Can they receive the death penalty? When providing your answers, be sure to provide links to your references. 

3. According to Atticus there are three reasons that Malcolm citizens do not want to serve on a jury. What are the reasons? Juvenile justice represents a definitive challenge in today’s society. Will these reasons vary across juvenile and adults justice systems? 

Textbook: Adolescence by Lawrence Steinberg, 10th Edition. 

Book: To Kill a Mockingbird


Title: Book Review: To Kill A Mockingbird
Length: 5 pages (1422 Words)
Style: APA


To Kill a Mockingbird

            The book To kill a Mockingbird is a piece of literature that has received worldwide praise for its depiction of the real issues facing society in regards to racism, prejudice and discrimination. It also shows the difference between the thinking patterns of adults and young people and their reactions to situations.

Atticus’ last statement about people in the book is when he is putting his daughter Scout to bed. He says, ‘Most people are (nice), Scout, when you finally see them.’(Lee 55) This statement is about Boo Ridley and also in relation to Scout’s summary of The Gray Ghost, a book she had been reading. In the book, The Gray Ghost, one of the characters is falsely accused and arrested. However, his innocence eventually comes to light. Scout explains to her father how the character was ‘real nice’ when ‘they finally saw him.’ which prompts her father’s response to how most people are nice when you finally see them. Their dialogue shows how Scout’s thinking has developed and how more aware she has become. This statement also refers to Boo Ridley who had earlier in the night rescued both of Atticus’ children, Scout and Jem, from a drunk and vengeful Bob Ewell.


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