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Book Review: Hottentot Venus, Barbara Chase Riboud


Book Review

Imagine that you are the book review editor of the New York Times.  Review one book from the Book Review List.  The review must be two to three pages in length, doubled spaced.  The review must consist of a summary of the principal points and sub-points of the book, a delineation of the structure of the book with concrete citations and references.  The review must also include a critical appraisal of the book and the reasons for such appraisal. Presuppose that the reader of your paper has not read the book reviewed.

So choose the topic that you have a brief  knowledge.

Book Review List

  1. Arnove, Anthony (ed), Iraq Under Siege: The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War, Boston, South End Press, 2002
  2. Baldwin, James, Another Country, New York, Vantage Press, 1993
  3. Blum, William, Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II, Monroe, ME, Common Courage Press, 1995
  4. Boyd, Herbert (ed), Race and Resistance: African Americans in the 21st Century, Cambridge, MA., South End Press, 2002
  5. Chase-Riboud, Barbara, Hottentot Venus, New York, Doubleday, 2003
  6. Farah, Nuruddin, Gifts, London, Serif, 1993
  7. Galeano, Eduardo, Upside Down: A Primer for the Looking Glass World, New York, Metropolitan Books, Henry Holt and Co., 2000
  8. Kunnie, Julian and N. Goduka, Indegenous Peoples’ Wisdom and Power: Affirming Our Knowledge Through Narratives, Aldershot, England and Burlington, VT., Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2006
  9. LaDuke, Winona, All Our Relations: Narrative Struggles for Land and Life, Boston, South End Press, 1999
  10. Moore, Marijo (ed), Genocide of the Mind, New York, Thunder’s Mouth Press /Nation Books, 2003
  11. Robinson, Randall, The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks, New York, Dutton Penguin Group, 2000
  12. Ruppert, Michael, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at he End of the Age of Oil, Gabriola Island, B.C., Canada, New Society Publishers, 2004
  13. Sale, Kirkpatrick, The Conquest of Paradise, New York, Plume, 1991
  14. West, Cornel, Democracy Matters: Winning The Fight Against Imperialism, New York, Penguin Press, 2004
  15. Dyson, Michael, Eric, Debating Race, New York, Basic Civitas Books, 2007
  16. Manning, Marable, Dispatches From The Ebony Tower: Intellectuals Confront The African American Experience, New York, Columbia University Press, 2000

Title: Book Review: Hottentot Venus, Barbara Chase Riboud
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA


Book Review: Hottentot Venus – Barbara Chase- Riboud

            Stories explained within the background of colonialism are rather not exceptional. Neither are stories about exploitation, misogyny and tragic lives. Perhaps, this is because they tend to remind readers of evils that transpired during those dark ages. It could also be that humans expect gory details and or images to be left out altogether. Nevertheless, in her novel titled Hottentot Venus, Chase- Riboud talks of such a tale and manages to illuminate a life little explained or addressed through literature.

 Chase- Riboud work revolves around the narrative of young South African girls orphaned in 18th century. Using her Khoisan name SSsehura, she perceived herself to have been lucky for marrying a Dutch Afrikaner. However, the husband became her master and ended up changing her name to read Saartjie – translating to little Sarah in Dutch. True to Khoisan ritual, Sarah is tidied up to appear sexually desirable in readiness for marriage. From what the author of the book insinuates she is a particularly shaped young woman.


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