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Book Report On "Two Years Before The Paddlewheel"


Write a book report on "Two Years Before the Paddlewheel: Charles F. Gunther Mississippi River Confederate by Allardice and Wolf. Bruce Allardice the author of this book is teaching my history class that I need the book report for. The book report must be a minimum of 4 pages typed double spaced on this book Two Years Before the Paddlewheel or on something that is mentioned in this book.


Title: Book Report On "Two Years Before The Paddlewheel"
Length: 4 pages (1435 Words)
Style: MLA


Book report on "Two Years before the Paddlewheel"

‘Two Years before the Paddlewheel,’ is a book authored by Charles F. Gunther. The book was later edited by Wayne Wolf and Bruce Allardice. It centers on the life of Charles F. Gunther by giving his diary. It gives an introduction to the life of Gunther as well as a series of life experiences and events in his diary from January 1861 to December 1862. The theme and subject of the book are important because Gunther is an important figure in the history of the United States. Being a German-American collector and confectioner, Gunther purchased many items that are now contained in the Chicago History Museum. This paper gives a report on the book by analyzing some of the important themes and ideas in the book. The analysis of the entire work is then done to explain why the book is interesting, its importance, and shortcomings.


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