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Bones Scission


In the first page: Speech to inform (This is the type of writing)Write about BONES SCISSION by answering the following questions .

  1. What is the possible place in your body to get bones scission
  2. What is the different between adults and kids (how long will it take- how will effect you in the future)
  3. What is the method of treatment?

In the second page: Speech to persuade (This is the type of writing) Answer the question: Can money buy you happiness. 

The answer should be NO, and persuade why NO.


Title: Bones Scission
Length: 3 pages (800 Words)
Style: MLA


A bone fracture is a crack or break in a bone that occurs when the force exerted against the bone is stronger than it can structurally withstand. Particularly, the most common sites for bone fractures are the ankle, hip, and wrist (Ignatavicius et al. 1056). Bone fractures in adults are different from adult fractures since the child’s bones are actively growing. Treatment includes immobilizing the bone using a plaster cast. Additionally, plates or metal rods are surgically inserted to hold the bone pieces together. Nevertheless, the patient must treat the limb with care for at least the next few months.

About 15 percent of all injuries in children are bone fracture injuries. Distinctly, bone fractures in adults are different from children fractures since the child’s bones are growing. Thus, more consideration should be taken when a child’s bone fractures since it will affect the overall child’s growth. Additionally, a child’s fracture will heal faster because a stronger and dense fibrous membrane covers the bones of a toddler. Thus, it causes an effective supply of nutrients and oxygen to the fractured bones.


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