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Body Image And Subsequent Leisure Activities



1. Respond to the following question (minimum of 250 words). Include specific references to the weekly reading and/or supplemental articles available on the web. Be sure to cite your sources properly.


In what ways might a person's body image impact their leisure choices? What are some ways in which a recreation therapist might design programs to minimize the impact of body image on participation rates?


Title: Body Image And Subsequent Leisure Activities
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


Body Image and Subsequent Leisure Activities

 The topic of concern involves the habitual scope that exhibits the co-relation between the body image and leisure activities done by an individual. Body image may lead to leisure constraints or rather excitement in performing a certain leisure activity. Body image among women is generally considered to be poorer than among men and, therefore, it has greatly affected their livelihood resulting in poor physical appearance. Women also try to use all means to achieve the slim attractive size that can be accepted in all scope of recreational activities; consequently, this may lead to low self-esteem.


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