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Black Holes


In our investigation of stellar evolution, we have discovered that stars of different masses end their lives in different ways and leave behind different stellar remnants; each of these comprising the most interesting and extreme environments in the observable universe. From pulsars and neutron stars, white dwarfs and black holes, the properties of each are astounding and bizarre. Answer the following for this

  • Choose one of these extreme stellar remnants and describe the unique property of the object.
  • Find a real world astronomical example such as a picture and description to accompany your information.
  • Share the image with the class by providing the URL of the image within your response, and why you find this object most interesting and extreme.

Title: Black Holes
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


A star with the support of neutron degeneracy has the maximum possible mass. Therefore, a larger mass cannot support itself in the neutron or electron degeneracy mechanism. The mass will collapse until there is another pressure source to provide support. In this case, there is no other mechanism for a star support, and hence it collapses. As a ball of neutrons collapses, it forms a small region inside space that has volume and equal to the mass of the parent material (Ananthaswamy 2010). This is the singularity, which has and infinite density where even light cannot escape. The escape speed from the object is more than the speed of light in a vacuum thereby creating a black hole.


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