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Between Life And Death


write a journal entry about Robert Motherwell's artwork ( between life and death) analyze his works. See the attached file for details


Title: Between Life And Death
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


Undoubtedly, the most complex piece of work done by Robert Motherwell (1915–1991), is“Between Life and Death,” an artwork that conveys a deep-rooted message. It is based on the life experiences and tales that RobertMotherwell heard during his mid-life career development. “Between Life and Death”is one among the 250 works of art done by Motherwell addressing the moral issues affecting the society. The works address matters and issues surrounding the civil war period and other notable events in the history of the Western World. By appearance, the piece is as simple as it is complex. Many interpretations have been forwarded by different analysts, with critics presenting various views of the piece. This paper is a comprehensive journal analyzing “Between Life and Death”with a primary focus on the visual properties of the artwork as well as the deeper message conveyed by Motherwell.

Notably, the artist makes a significant use of dark colors, grey and black, with black being used predominantly. The prominent use of such dark colors hints the information behind the picture’s message. It is evident that such dull colors are a sign of uncertainty. 


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