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Best Target Markets For A Workout App



You have been asked by a firm that has developed a new fitness App for smart phones to identify the best market segment to target it at. Their marketing research budget is limited, so you are not able to do focus groups or surveys. So using public information on fitness apps try to identify the best target markets. Be sure to discuss the sources of your information and how reliable it is. Remember of course to reference your sources.


Title: Best Target Markets For A Workout App
Length: 3 pages (928 Words)
Style: APA


Work Out App

The prevailing popularity of innovative workout routines explains the sweeping mobile apps for health and fitness. For the longest time, people have been reluctant to engage in health and fitness. Working out was initially left to sports people and celebrities whose image mattered to the public. This reluctance led to the widespread issues of overweight and poor physical and mental fitness. Obesity and other metabolic diseases are on the rise (Kannel, 1987). The spur has led to people embracing work out routines. The excitement has also increased the hype of people going engaging in physical activities with the aim of loosing the extra fat and conditioning their bodies as well as toning their muscles.

 As a result, many investors are running to fill in the need gap. Currently, the numbers are of mobile apps is increasing alarmingly leading to a stiff competition among investors.


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