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You are required to investigate an organization and write a research report and also provide a power-point presentation.The organization that you select can be one that you are already familiar with or not familiar with, or one that you research. The presentation is to be prepared in a manner that allows you to present and explain the organization to the class. You can use text as well as pictures to enhance the appearance and effectiveness. Be creative but clear. The report must be double spaced using a Times New Roman Number 12 font and at least ten pages in length.

You are required to inform the instructor of your plan for the final course project.


Title: Best Buy
Length: 10 pages (2861 Words)
Style: MLA


Best Buy is a retailer of electronics products operating in the United States and several other countries. The corporation was founded in 1966 (Best Buy: Expert Service). Best Buy is among the best performing corporations in the US (McWilliams 4). The corporation mainly concentrates with sale of consumer electronics and several retailer merchandize products (McWilliams 10).

            Currently, Best Buy is the largest consumer electronics dealer in the United States. As at July 2015, the corporation had more than 1,700 locations with not less than $39.49 billion in revenue. The company has also performed well in e-commerce applications. For instance, according to stastica, was listed the sixth largest and busiest e-commerce website in the US (McWilliams 20). It has also sustained and thrived in the current highly competitive global market due to a number of smart marketing tactics and strategies that it employs.


The company has enjoyed good reputation with its customers over the years, particularly women, who make up the largest percentage of consumer electronics customers in the United States. The reputation is based on its ability to sustain high quality and low cost, as well as good customer service in all its departments. For that reason, the company has demonstrated a proven ability to retain its current customers and attract potential future customers. Its robustness in market strategy and marketing tactics is also based on its proven record of strong marketing expertise in the electronics sector market. The company enjoys the expertise due to its ability to attract and retain some of the most qualified professionals in the electronics sector. Best Buy has a skilled sales workforce of approximately 180,000 employees in both the domestic and global markets (Lamb, Charles, Joseph, & Carl 4). The company also remunerates its employees well, something that significantly contributes to its ability to attract strong talents that enhance corporate growth and development.


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