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Benefits Of Playing Football


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Title: Benefits Of Playing Football
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Benefits of Playing Football

            One of the games that most people should engage in often is football because of the benefits that they stand to gain. Football is important for both men and women since it makes them energetic and active most. A person’s decision to engage in playing football presents many benefits boosting the level of healthy growth and development.

Playing football is important for their healthy living especially during the present times when lifestyle diseases are on the rise. The game will increase one’s immune system, making that person less susceptible to lifestyle diseases. The different world cultures have different perceptions concerning football, but one thing that remains known to all cultures is the global recognition of the game as an important engagement (Tiesler and Coelho, 2013). The act of playing football is serves an important role in many cultural societies. People use the game for entertaining visitors, as a career for some people, and even a tourist attraction. Currently, even those who do not play the game fancy it because they can use it to earn some money through gambling. Football as a game is important in increasing interactions between people in the society. These interactions are helpful in stabilizing the level or relationships between the different people in that society. People should consider embracing football as an important global venture because of the health benefits that it advances to them (Skelton, 2000).


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