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Benefits of Health Information Technology
Health Care 10 Pages

Benefits Of Health Information Technology


My desired research topic is that of the benefits of health information technology.

1)    Introduction

  • What is Health Information Technology
  • Why is Health Information Technology important?

2)    Body

  • How will Health Information technology improve healthcare delivery?
  • How will HIT reduce costs of healthcare
  • Impact of HIT on other previous shortcomings related to healthcare
  • What issues have been raised by opponents

3)    Conclusion

  • Conclusion
  • Going forward (what will the landscape look like upon full implementation of EMRs etc)

HIT can be a broad topic. You may find the need to refine your scope as you proceed in your research. Be sure to spend sufficient time on the economic efficiency/cost containment aspects of HIT. Approved.


Title: Benefits Of Health Information Technology
Length: 10 pages (2314 Words)
Style: APA


Benefits of Health Information Technology

The modern technology develops constantly and certainly influences all the spheres of human life. The health care sphere is not an exception. The so-called Health Information Technology is incrementally being introduced into the functioning of the health care infrastructure. Generally Health Information Technology can be defined as “umbrella framework to describe the comprehensive management of health information and its secure exchange between consumers, providers, government and insurers” (Sinha, 2010). It presupposes the usage of modern technological and computer means to make health care more effective and customer-oriented at all the levels of service.


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