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Bariatric Surgery


Describe Bariatric surgery , how it affects health and wellness, and how people can take steps to change their risk status for the condition.


Title: Bariatric Surgery
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Bariatric Surgery


People with severe obesity experience a lot of pressure to lose weight and become healthy. Severe obesity is chronic and can be hard to treat using the common methods such as dieting and exercising. Some people might need to undergo a hospitalisation program such as Bariatric Surgery or weight loss surgery. This is an operation carried out on the stomach and the intestines to help patient lose weight. People who have serious health problems and complications related to obesity must take the procedure. The surgery limits food intake thus promoting healthy living and reducing type 2 diabetes through weight loss (Hakim 4). The operation can also form an interruption to food digestion and prevent nutrients, for example, vitamins and some calories from being absorbed into the body. Studies


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