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Finance 10 Pages



The project is a comparison of 2 banks (Bank of America & Regions Bank)

Each page would correspond to a certain banking topic (Banking type and the differences between them) and so on and so forth.  I will provide you the banking topics and the corresponding pages below.  

You can use any source (book, online, etc...) to get the information from.  Wall Street Journal online, Bloomberg, FDIC are pretty good sources.

Each page will have 3 paragraphs (1 paragraph about Bank of America as it relates to the topic, 1 paragraph about Regions Bank as it relates to the topic, and 1 paragraph that compares/contrasts the 2 banks based on the topic)  My page 1 topic is banking type (commercial, int'l, money center).  You would find out what banking type for both banks, etc....using the online tools and elaborate, compare, etc...

Page 1 - Banking type (Chapter 1)

Page 2 - Gramm-Leach Bliley Act of 1999 & USA Patriot Act (Chapter 2)

Page 3 - Stockholders (Chapter 3)

Page 4 - Efficiency ratio & Economies of Scale (Chaper 4)

Page 5 - Comparative Income Statement Ratios (Chapter 5)

Page 6 - Calculate the ROA (Chapter 6)

Page 7 - Asset-Liability Management (Chapter 7)

Page 8 - Banking futures and Options trading (Chapter 8)

Page 9 - Investment Securities (Chapter 10)

Page 10 - Capital Regulation (Chapter 15)


Title: Banking
Length: 10 pages (2750 Words)
Style: APA


Banking type

The US Banking System is controlled by the Federal Reserve System, which consists of twelve Federal Reserve Banks acting as the ‘Central Bank’. The 1913 Federal Reserve Actcreated the system that regulates together with state governments, the operations of commercial banks. With both the Federal and State governments, regulation of commercial banks makes the U.S case unique. The Federal Reserve system is made up of twelve reserve banks chartered by the U.S government to control the money supply and perform other functions of a ‘central bank’. Below the Federal Reserve System, are commercial banks, which are of different types, some of which are explainedhereafter.


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