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Ethics 6 Pages

Balancing Access, Quality, And Costs In Healthcare


Write an essay introducing a medical ethical dilemma of your choice. Include in your essay the following:

  • Describe/define the medical ethical dilemma that you are interested in or have concerns about as an individual and/or as a future health care worker.
  • Be sure to examine the issue from multiple perspectives; even those that you may disagree with.
  • Include any standards published by relevant professional organizations that may apply.
  •  Conclude with the solution that you feel would be the most principled. You must have presented rational for your conclusion within your discussion.
  • Represent and write the opposing view.

All components must be included for full credit to be awarded.The quality of content will also be considered when graded.Points are removed for spelling and grammatical errors. References must be included. APA format required 5 pages minimum.


Title: Balancing Access, Quality, And Costs In Healthcare
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: APA


Balancing Access, Quality, and Costs in Healthcare

Healthcare is the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of illness, diseases, injuries, and other mental or physical disorders of the human beings. The delivery of health care services are provided by the trained health practitioners on the areas of expertise such as nursing, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, midwifery, and other fields of heath care. However, the delivery of such health services differ from country to country depending with the existing technology, accessibility, and the costs of services provided. The healthcare practitioners find it difficult for them to balance the quality, access, and costs of care services.

            The issue of balancing the accessibility, quality, and costs of healthcare services has become the medical ethical dilemma to the practitioners and governments due to the increasing number of patients and the costs of service provisions (Hofmann, 2009). The increase of patients’ population has raised the demand, which is unsustainable, as compared to the number of healthcare practitioners employed to deliver care services. The increase of demand has made the costs of service delivery rise, making it difficult for practitioners to provide quality and standardized services. This has aroused a necessity for this research paper to discuss this ethical dilemma for the medics to balance the access, quality, and costs healthcare services.


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