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Autobiography For Annibale Carracci


The final project for this course is the creation of an “imaginary” autobiography based on the life of one of the following figures who lived in Europe during the period from 1500–1700:

1. An Italian humanist or artist 

Each student will create an imaginary person from the time period and area we are studying. You must research and write about this imaginary person who lived during the time period (1500–1700), but the person should NOT someone famous such as Niccolò Machiavelli or Michelangelo. Through research, you must recreate a person’s life and write an autobiography. In other words, you “become” that person and write his or her story. To successfully complete this project, the autobiography must include the following items:

  • An explanation of the character’s social and economic standing in his or her society and his or her approximate date of birth
  • The character’s view of recent events with an explanation of how these events are viewed from the vantage point of his or her background and of the physical location in which he or she lives
  • A broad analysis of the historical events of the age in which the character lives

Main Elements

1. Introduction and Conclusion: The paper must have an introduction and conclusion. An introduction contains general, not specific, information and tells the reader what the paper will attempt to accomplish. The conclusion must include a summary of your person’s accomplishments, life, special issues, and how that person influenced later generations of people.

2. Sources: The student must use at least six different sources of which two must be primary. Use a variety of sources such as books, journals, newspapers, magazine articles, and so on. Include a bibliography page with the appropriate information about the sources.

3. Body of Paper: First you must choose a figure to write about. Research and write about this imaginary person who lived during the time period (1500–1700), but this person should NOT someone known famous as Niccolò Machiavelli or Michelangelo or Martin Luther. Through research, you must recreate a person’s life and write an autobiography. In other words, you “become” that person and write his or her story. To write the story, you could use actual events from the past and develop a character that might fit into the context or background of the period, reflecting the social, political, economic, and religious concerns of the time period and providing the reader with a portrait into the past that might be credible from a historical perspective. In other words, the reader should be able to get significant insight into the time period in which your character lives and the concerns and events of the age.


Title: Autobiography For Annibale Carracci
Length: 7 pages (2354 Words)
Style: Turabian


Autobiography for Annibale Carracci


Events from the past have shaped the modern life in the. The historical events are rich with answers on many intrigues that the world faces today. The history of modern industries today can be traced back to the industrial revolution that swept Europe in the 18th Century. Similarly, other historical occurrences have shaped the world regarding social, political, religious and economic landscape. This paper will attempt to view the history of Europe during 1500 to 1700 through the eyes of an Italian artist known as Annibale Carracci. The paper will explain the history of this period through recordings of the artist’s autobiography. The paper will explore the personal life of Annibale to find out his societal beginnings and occurrences that have shaped the history that we learn today. Therefore, this paper will act as a reflection of the social, religious, political and economic events that occurred in Europe during 1500 to 1700.

Life events of Annibale Carracci

            My name is Annibale Carracci. I was born in a period where my country was beginning to experience peace and stability. My date of birth is 3rd November 1560.[1] I was born as the second child in a family of six in Bologna, Italy. I was lucky to be brought up by both of my parents who took care of me. I am fond of my father because he took me to the cotton ginnery every day before I had reached ten years. My father’s profession is tailoring because he worked at the cotton ginnery as a tailor. My hobbies are drawing, printing and painting. My life in art was influenced by the works of my cousin Ludovico and my elder brother Agostino. My cousin Ludovico and brother Agostino learnt the art of painting and printing from their peers and later taught me how to use paint to bring a visual object. 




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