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Australopithecus Garhi


There is the argument as to which Australopithecine gave rise to the genus Homo. Using examples from the book. Make your case for which one you believe it to be.


Title: Australopithecus Garhi
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Week 5 Discussion Part 2

According to the theory of evolution, there are several stages that a human being passed through to become present day man. There are debatable controversies surrounding the theory because different people make different interpretations depending on the understanding they have regarding to the theory. This paper will argue out the australopithecine that gave rise to genus Homo drawing examples from publications done from conducted researches. 

From the research conducted before, one can conclude that Australopithecus Garhi was the species that gave rise to genus homo. It is evident from the remains of the extinct species that closely resemble the genus homo (Asfaw, Berhane, et al 630). For instance, the cranial and dental remains of the Australopithecus afarensis that preceded of the Australopithecus garhi discovered in East Africa resembled the ancestors of the early genus homo. Other factors that credit the origin of the genus homo is the locations in which the remains are discovered. For instance, there are remains of this type of species that was discovered in the Ethiopian land where genus homo is dominant (Hillis, David 530). When the fossils of such species that include bones from the limbs and skull are compared to those of the ancestors of the genus homo, it is evident that the resemblance credit that the said genus originated from the Australopithecus garhi species.


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