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Australian Daily Digital News Paper


You need to research on any Australian daily digital news papers news paper 

  1. I need two journals separately ( report 1 then references report 2 and the references ) 
  2. Please follow up the marking criteria please and i have attached the relevant material

Title: Australian Daily Digital News Paper
Length: 5 pages (1375 Words)
Style: Havard


Journal 1

The internet innovation techniques continue day by day. It greatly influences the human minds and perfects what humans need. It provides cheap, untraceable and instant information, unlike the print media that is too tiresome. Australian media uses the internet in the provision of the news through the internet to its population. Australia has about 25 types of newspapers that give its news through the internet. Some of the major newspapers are; Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The West Australian, The age, The Advertiser, The Australian Financial Review, The Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald. The compromise of the adoption of the invention is to the ethics, security and its organizational aspects (Khoumbati,, 2006). The internet technology takes the different stance to the ethics, and security because people are absent from the media, and thus people need to work within the limits of the ethics and security provided.


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